Ship to Seller Option

100% Contact-Free Delivery

You may want to do a traditional brochure sale but without the school delivery. Our 'ship to seller' option is your solution. You’ll still receive your fundraising supplies as usual before your kickoff date. Each student then takes their sales packet home.

Participants will be able to make sales through the brochure as well as online. After your sale is over, sellers turn in their brochure orders to the school.

Send us your order forms for processing. Once the orders are ready, we'll send them to each seller’s home.

Group Profit

With a traditional brochure sale, your group makes 40% profit off each product sold. But with a home delivery fundraiser we determine your profit by your gross sales:

Retail SalesGroup Profit
$1,000 to $14,99930%

Change to School Delivery

If your circumstances change and you're able to accept delivery at your school let us know. You must inform us once you send in your order forms for processing. Changing to a school delivery would increase your profit to 40%.

Programs are filling up fast so book your sale today.