Ship to Buyer Option

No School Delivery

You may want your students to show the brochure to friends and family. But you don’t want to have to count the money or deal with any deliveries.

Interested? Our ‘ship to buyer’ option is your solution. You’ll still receive your fundraising supplies, but without order forms.

When viewing the brochure customers won’t need to write down their order. Instead, they can make their purchase using their phone or computer. It’s fast, easy, and convenient.

And what makes this so simple is there’s nothing for sellers to turn in once the sale is over. No order forms or money. All orders ship direct to the buyer.


  • No order forms
  • No money to collect and count
  • No school delivery
  • Instantaneous sales updates

Virtual Selling

Students will also be able to use our powerful email generator to send emails to friends and family. They can share on social media as well as text out the online store link. The goal is to get as many students to register as possible. This will translate into more sales.