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What Makes a Scratch Card Fundraiser Simple

By Clay Boggess on Nov 25, 2013
What Makes a Scratch Card Fundraiser Simple

What school groups need to know about scratch cards

Most people are looking for the fastest and easiest way to raise money. So, what makes a scratch card fundraiser a practical choice? It’s the entire process. There’s actually no physical product to sell or deliver. Simply put, scratch cards make it easy and fun for your students to approach people and ask for a donation.

Every student is provided with one scratch card. Supporters donate to the organization's cause after scratching off one or more dots on the card; thus revealing the donation amount. Donation amounts usually range from $0 to $5 depending on where they scratch.

In exchange for donating money, the supporter receives a coupon sheet that offers discounts to a variety of well-known name brand stores like Papa John's®, Sprint®, Firestone® and Sam's Club®.

This makes the entire process a ‘win win’.

What Makes Scratch Card Fundraisers Simple?

The hardest part of doing a scratch card fundraiser is actually asking people to donate. The process itself is actually simple because:

  • There is no product to deal with
  • Money is collected on the spot
  • The supporter is rewarded immediately

How Much Can We Make Selling Scratch Cards?

Depending on how many scratch cards are ordered, groups can make between $80 and $90 per card. We have found that people will often donate even without scratching any dots. Plus, many will give above and beyond.

Scratch Card Fundraising Tips:

  • Use a tracking sheet to keep track of money turned in by students:
    • A completed card means that every student should turn in a total of $100
    • Provide a deadline date for turning in money
  • Students should not turn in their card until every dot is scratched off
  • Tell your students what to say when approaching people by:
    • Stating their name
    • What they are raising money for
    • What action they are asking the supporter to do

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