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Why Scratch Card Fundraisers Work for Nonprofits

By Clay Boggess on Feb 28, 2014
Why Scratch Card Fundraisers Work for Nonprofits

Why scratch cards make collecting donations easy

Scratch card fundraisers allow groups to collect donations when supporters scratch off dots exposing certain dollar amounts underneath. In exchange for donating the revealed amount, people receive a savings coupon sheet that offers opportunities to receive discounts through several businesses as a thank you.

The concept is extremely simple. Nonprofit members approach people and ask them to donate after showing their scratch card. The cards are personalized with the group’s name, picture or logo. This helps add credibility as members introduce their project to a potential supporter.

The Donated Amounts are Reasonable

Many people enjoy the suspense of wondering how much money their dot will reveal. Before the donor scratches a dot, a breakdown is disclosed showing the frequency of each dollar amount on the card. In other words, if there are 30 total dots, 2 of them are $1 dots, 6 are $2 dots, and so on. The most that a donor can contribute per dot is $5.

Scratch Card Fundraisers are Profitable

Many supporters end up scratching off more than one dot. Some even donate without scratching any dots at all. One card raises $100, and when you multiply that number by the number of organization members, the money brought in can be substantial.

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