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Why Schools Used Fundraising Vouchers

By Clay Boggess on Apr 14, 2011
Why Schools Used Fundraising Vouchers

How schools purchased online before the online store

Many school catalog companies used to offer fundraising vouchers or gift cards to groups that can be redeemed online by the customer. For example, many brochures offer magazine vouchers that allow customers to order a magazine of their choice.

A more traditional approach had the customer look through a magazine brochure and write down their information, including their mailing address on the seller’s order form.

The voucher made good business sense because as people redeemed their coupons, they'll saw additional items on the website that could be purchased there as well.

Plus, the customer was able to order the product at their convenience. There were advantages as well as some potential disadvantages to this method:

Fundraising Voucher Advantages

  • People could redeem coupons at their own convenience.
  • Schools could reach a broader customer base because the product is shipped to the purchaser.
  • Sellers could choose to send voucher as a gift.
  • Schools didn’t have to deal with deliveries.
  • Groups had the option of preordering vouchers, then selling them direct to consumers. This eliminated a second visit to deliver the voucher after taking orders with an order form.

Disadvantages to Using Vouchers

  • Did people actually remember to redeem their coupon? Unfortunately many forgot about them.
  • Customer incurred additional shipping costs.
  • Group only made profit on the voucher price minus the shipping cost.
  • Extra step of completing a form and submitting it even after the voucher was purchased from the student.

To this day, most schools still choose the more traditional approach to selling out of a brochure. However, the online store has made fundraising vouchers obsolete. See our cookie dough fundraisers

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