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How to Make School Fundraising Safety a Priority

By Clay Boggess on Feb 13, 2015
How to Make School Fundraising Safety a Priority

How to make your sale safe for everyone involved

School fundraising safety is the most important part of your sales campaign so it should be emphasized throughout. Once your students experience your kickoff assembly, they’ll be eager to get started. The excitement level will be at a fever pitch because they will have seen the prizes that they can win for selling.

How can you blame them for wanting to go out and start approaching potential customers as soon as they get home? This is the response that you want. After all, you’ve emphasized over and over how important it is to make as many sales as possible.

And even though fundraisers are about raising money, keeping your student safe is most important. So how can you stress the importance of safe selling?

Differentiate Safe Customers from Strangers

At your kickoff assembly, it’s important for your students to know who they can talk to and who they shouldn’t. Many assume that, in the interest of making more sales and winning bigger prizes, students will go out and attempt to sell to everyone. Even though this is not necessarily true, they’ll still need to know who to approach. Here are 2 important school fundraising safety tips that will help:

  1. Students should not be out selling without parent or guardian supervision, no exceptions.
  2. Their best chance to make sales is to talk to people that they know. Strangers usually won’t purchase from them anyway.

Safe customers are people that they know like neighbors, family and close family friends.

Encourage Supervised Online Fundraising

Most school fundraising companies offer online selling as another way to make sales. Students who sell online will still receive prize credit and the group makes a profit from each sale. Make sure that the online store is secure and uses an ‘https’ and not just an ‘http’ in front of the website URL. Most website browsers will indicate that a site is secure by displaying a padlock symbol. Online selling should also take place under the supervision of an adult or guardian.

Educate Your Parents on Fundraiser Safety

To ensure fundraising safety it’s also important to educate your parents. If possible, introduce your sale prior to your kickoff date at a parent night. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your safety rules and program expectations. The parent letter inside your student packets also discusses the importance of safe selling. Make sure to inform your parents to expect the packet on the kickoff date.

If properly communicated and executed, school fundraising safety will also lead to more sales.

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