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Keep School Fundraisers Safe and Courteous

By Clay Boggess on Aug 12, 2010
Keep School Fundraisers Safe and Courteous

How sales benefit by stressing safety and courtesy

There's one thing that's more important than making money when it comes to school fundraisers and that's ensuring the safety of your students. Once your kickoff has taken place, your students should be motivated to go out and start selling. However, you should reinforce the idea that safety comes first.

Before they leave the assembly you’ll need to make sure to communicate the importance of safe fundraising. Some important safety tips include making sure your student’s only talk to people they already know, like neighbors, family and friends.

If they do go out and sell, make sure they're always with a parent, guardian or older family member. In addition, ensure they're also asking family members to take their brochure to work.

Make your fundraiser a success from a public relations standpoint as well. You can do this by encouraging your students to be courteous when engaging potential customers:

Greet Potential Supporters with Professionalism

Students of all ages should be told to smile and always look people in the eye when they greet people. Older students should also be taught how to introduce themselves and let people know why they're raising money for their school. It's also important that students say “thank you” when someone does buy and “thank you anyway” when they don’t. This helps foster a positive impression about your school and it may even make it easier for people who don’t buy to say yes the next time.

When will Fundraiser Merchandise be Delivered?

If someone makes a purchase, they should be told approximately when they can expect to receive their merchandise. It’s usually safe to tell people approximately 3 weeks. Don’t just leave them hanging, especially when they've already entrusted you with their payment.

By emphasizing the importance of safety and politeness to your students, you'll probably end up making more sales anyway.

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