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How to Pick the Right School Fundraising Program

By Clay Boggess on Aug 7, 2015
How to Pick the Right School Fundraising Program

Things to consider when choose a product to sell

How do you know when you’ve selected the right school fundraising program? The obvious answer is it’s the one that will make your group the most money.

Unfortunately finding the right fundraiser is not so easy. Should you rely on common sense or wait until you find something unique that grabs you? You might actually find something that’s distinctive and exciting but there may be other unexpected drawbacks that can become issues later on.

Before you attempt to find the perfect school fundraising program you might want to first look inward and answer some questions about your group. Here are some things to consider.

School Fundraising History

What have you sold in the past and has it worked for you? If you kept a record of your previous 3 or 4 fundraisers it may be a good idea to review the results and feedback. Perhaps your students couldn’t relate to the product they were selling, or the pricing was too high. Maybe you need to consider selling an item direct instead of taking orders.

On the other hand, how many other groups were selling a similar product? Even though a particular item may be popular in your area doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for your group. Perhaps you might want to consider selling earlier in the school year in order to be one of the first out there.

Size of Your Group

The size of you group can dictate the type of program that you should run. For example a small book club with 15 students probably shouldn’t sell out of a brochure that has a high order minimum requirement. Likewise, a large elementary school may not want to order 500 scratch cards before knowing that people will be committed to collecting donation money.

Take Orders or Sell a Product?

Do you feel that your group will be better at taking orders or selling an actual product? Here are the advantages and disadvantages to both:

Taking Brochure Orders

  • Your actual order will consist only of items that have already been paid for.
  • Buyers normally have more items to choose from when selling out of a brochure.
  • Students will need to go back to their customers a second time and deliver the merchandise.
  • The items in a brochure are typically more expensive than selling an actual product. This may limit your market somewhat.

Product Fundraisers

  • Many students find it easier to show the actual product to a potential customer.
  • Products usually sell for less money, which means that students can also sell to each other.
  • The sponsor must have an idea of how much product to order and then keep track of their inventory throughout the sale.

Once you’re able to answer specific questions about your group, you’ll be on your way to selecting the right school fundraising program.

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