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How to Raise Parent School Fundraising Involvement

By Clay Boggess on Feb 17, 2015
How to Raise Parent School Fundraising Involvement

How to improve parent involvement in your fundraiser

Are your parents tired, or even frustrated with the fundraisers that your school is involved with? Turning a blind eye to a few complaints may not be a good idea because this may be a small indication that there is a larger problem.

Besides a few grumbles, one way that you can tell if you’re having an issue is to look at your student participation. Out of all of your students, how many actually end up selling?

Most school fundraising companies provide comprehensive sales reports to sponsors and a correlation can probably be made between parent frustration and involvement. Worse, this ends up having a negative impact on your sales results. In order to raise parent involvement, perhaps it would be wise to look at some of the problems. Here are 3:

1. Too Many Fundraisers

It seems that we’re constantly getting approached by someone who’s trying to sell something. Communities are literally saturated with fundraisers. It’s bad enough that everyone else seems to be having multiple sales so why should your group contribute to the problem as well? Instead, make a commitment to only allow 1, or at most 2 campaigns per year. Then promise your parents at the beginning of the school year that this is all they’ll see, regardless. However, don’t be surprised if it takes a little time to build up some trust first. Eventually, with proper planning you can conduct fewer, but more successful fundraising projects.

2. Low Quality Brochure Items

Another way to improve parent school fundraising involvement is to improve the quality of the products that you’re presenting to your community. Many parents are tired of the cheap and overpriced merchandise being offered. Additionally, being able to offer better quality items may not just be refreshing to your parents, but also to your customers as well.

3. Cheap Prize Programs

Who’s more frustrated with the cheap junky prizes being offered by most fundraiser companies, the parents or the students? This may be the million dollar question because a lot of people would say both. Parents can easily purchase many of the prizes found in the typical prize brochure at the dollar store so what motivation do they have to sell in the first place?

If you’re able to address these types of concerns, you may be well on your way towards raising parent school fundraising involvement while achieving better sales results.

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