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3 Life Skills Developed Through School Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on May 26, 2015
3 Life Skills Developed Through School Fundraising

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When choosing a fundraiser, many don’t consider the life skills that students can learn through the selling process. Rightly so, the external benefit of raising money is what most people, including sponsors primarily focus on.

But there can also be several life-shaping benefits to school fundraising as well. And it’s these types of inadvertent lessons that really help build and reinforce who we ultimately become.

It’s true. No one goes to the trouble of conducting fundraisers just so their students can learn life skills. However, many can probably think of reasons why students shouldn’t have to participate in fundraising programs.

But before you decide, consider the following 3 life skills that they can help develop.

1. Developing Important Sales Skills

To be successful at selling, students must learn to properly approach people and then be able to sell them on the benefits of their product. This develops qualities like courage and self-confidence, as well as the ability to articulate a simple sales pitch.

Approaching people in a positive manner, properly introducing themselves as well giving an effective presentation are all part of what successful sellers possess.

2. Completing a School Fundraising Goal

Students learn what it takes to work towards, and reach an end sales goal. Students figure out that their individual efforts affect and impact the rest of the group. Each student has their own personal goal, and the financial outcome of the organization as a whole depends on the success of every student.

3. Committing & Submitting to a Process

Once out working in the real world, students will need to understand the value of following directions and the importance of completing various tasks. Just like when their sponsor will give them specific instructions before they start selling.

The important life lessons that can be learned through school fundraising go far beyond raising money.

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