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What Are Your School Fundraising Delivery Options?

By Clay Boggess on Dec 5, 2014
What Are Your School Fundraising Delivery Options?

Learn more about your delivery options

Being prepared for your school fundraising delivery is an often overlooked but essential part of the process. You can receive your entire order at your school, you can arrange for seller merchandise to be shipped directly to your students’ homes, or your supporters can even accept their own delivery and keep you completely out of the loop.

You may be new to the entire delivery procedure or you may have used a certain method for years and are considering trying something different. It's important that you learn about the types of available delivery options before deciding which method will work best for you. Here’s more information about your choices:

School Site Fundraising Deliveries

Most fundraiser companies contract with common freight carriers to perform their deliveries. Some companies pay for inside delivery while others don't. Companies that pay for inside delivery instruct the driver to bring pallets inside the closest available door. In some cases, custodians are asked to remove the center beam that divides the two doors otherwise the pallets must be broken down and brought in manually.

The company should schedule a delivery date in advance. This allows the school to arrange for help as well as to notify students and parents when to pick up their order. The company should also provide a sales report so individual student boxes can be cross-checked and verified prior to distribution.

Any missing or damaged items can either be handled through the school or with the company directly. Some companies require the school to submit a replacement list within a certain period of time while others provide a toll-free phone number to have parents contact them directly. Many schools simply send the boxes home, then give the parents a deadline date to report back with any problems. Other groups prefer to check the boxes themselves before they leave the school. Some schools even require parents to sign for their order before taking it home.

Home Delivery Fundraisers

More schools are considering home delivery fundraisers because they don’t have to deal with handling merchandise. Instead of the order being delivered to the school, each order is shipped directly to the seller’s home or workplace. The desired shipping address is placed at the top of a home delivery order form and then once the company receives them, the school is basically out of the loop. Before you decide to incorporate home delivery, here are some things to think about:

Reasons to consider home delivery:

  • Once the sponsor mails in their order forms, they are basically finished with the majority of the fundraiser.
  • Any questions or concerns about an order are handled between the parent and the company.
  • Sponsors receive notification that delivery to parent’s homes has begun and receives a follow-up sales report.

Things to know about home delivery:

  • The cost of shipping is higher for home delivery; therefore companies usually require a minimum order.
  • Some companies offer a lower profit percentage to the school.
  • Frozen food or cookie dough may not be an option because boxes may sit unattended for a certain period of time.
  • Some areas are not conducive to home delivery due to theft.
  • The sponsor cannot verify actual delivery of the merchandise and has limited control.

Online Fundraising

Most companies also offer an online store for out of town friends and families to support schools by purchasing items. Some companies even incentivize students to promote their online store when they send out automatically-generated emails to people that they know. These emails are customized with the student’s name to make it more personalized.

Schools like online sales because they don’t have to handle any items. Students also receive online sales credit towards their prize program. Keep in mind that the purchaser is responsible for the shipping cost just like with other online transactions.

Once you've weighed the available options for your school fundraising delivery, you can make a more informed decision for what might work best.

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