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Has Your Fundraising Company Earned Your Loyalty?

By Clay Boggess on Jun 3, 2014
Has Your Fundraising Company Earned Your Loyalty?

How well did your last fundraiser company do?

You’ve been doing the same company fundraiser for many years. It’s great because you don’t have to hassle with shopping companies like so many other schools do. Even though nothing’s ever perfect, you understand that change can be difficult and even potentially risky.

You simply contact your company when it’s convenient so you can schedule your kickoff date and get the paperwork signed. Plus, you’re busy and planning a sale is one less thing to have to worry about.

Many sponsors operate this same way. They feel the company has earned their trust over time; therefore they reward them with loyalty.

So why even question using the same company every year? Perhaps some are willing to overlook certain issues. Others may feel that if nothing goes wrong then why fix it? Here are some things about your current company that you may be overlooking.

Can You Improve Your Fundraising Results?

This requires analyzing your numbers a little more closely. For example, you may feel that bringing in $15,000 in sales every year is fine. Yet an elementary school with 500 students can achieve that number with only about 15% of their students participating. But what if you could bring in another $5,000 or even $10,000? If you’re a larger elementary school you may have a participation problem.

Did Your Students Like the Prize Program?

Most companies offer a similar type of prize program. The more you sell, the better the prizes get. If you were to ask you older students how they liked the prizes many would give you a blank stare. There’s the reason that many schools suffer from low participation levels. Older students tend to stop selling after a certain age because they’re tired of the same prize program every year. How can you get your older students more involved?

Did Your Buyers Like their Merchandise?

There’s a reason so many buyers look for the cheapest item in your brochure. It’s because they’re not willing to commit to the higher priced items due to poor quality. Unfortunately it’s a negative perception that’s hard to overcome. What if you could offer better quality merchandise? Would some people then be willing to spend more?

Unless you ask the questions, you’ll never get the answers that might help you improve your sale. Staying with the same fundraising company every year is never a bad idea if you’ve done your homework. However, if you’re doing it just because nothing appears to be broken then perhaps you’re settling for less and not realizing it.

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