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Big Event Fundraising Program Scheduling Solutions

By Clay Boggess on Dec 2, 2010
Big Event Fundraising Program Scheduling Solutions

How to kill two birds with one stone

Sponsors who choose a big event fundraising incentive to motivate their students to sell often have one primary concern. How will they schedule it into an already busy academic schedule?

Some think an easy solution is to have it after school, or even on a Saturday to avoid any potential conflicts, but this presents other problems that aren’t initially obvious. So what are some viable solutions?

If you’re creative and are able to plan ahead, you'll find some great scheduling opportunities that will help solve your dilemma.

Why Schedule a Big Event During School?

Scheduling a big event fundraising program during school hours will maximize attendance. After all, your students are already there. The problems with scheduling the event during non-school hours are:

  • Students have other commitments outside of school
  • It's a hassle to have bring students back to school

Let’s say you’ve selected a super party as your incentive. By having your big event during school, not only will you have a great turnout, but your students will get to leave class as well. This is a powerful selling motivator for many students. Additionally, many sponsors have solved the scheduling dilemma by having their big event just before the holidays. Events for spring fundraisers are often scheduled at the end of the school year. Students are usually excited and not able to fully focus on their schoolwork. Plus, teachers understand this, so not much academically is going on anyway. Your students would also see the super party as a way to celebrate the end of school. Sponsors see it as a way to give back to the students for their hard work.

Additional Big Event Magic Show Opportunities

On the other hand, if you've chosen a magic show to motivate your students to sell, you have other opportunities as well. For example, you can have our ‘Just Say No’ magic show assembly in October during ‘Red Ribbon Week’. In this case, missing out on classroom time for an educational assembly is an excellent trade off. Here are other events that occur at different times of the school year where you can incorporate a magic show.

Great magic show scheduling ideas

With creative planning, you can accomplish multiple objectives when scheduling your big event fundraising program.

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