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How the Right Fundraiser Improves Sales Results

By Clay Boggess on Sep 28, 2012
How the Right Fundraiser Improves Sales Results

How to find the right product to sell for your group

You’ve been searching for the right fundraiser. You goal is to find something that will be a success, but you haven’t found it yet. Many questions may come to mind like are you choosing the correct sales brochure? Should you consider a different way to raise money? Does your prize program motivate your students? And are your parents tired of the same products?

These are important questions to consider, especially when you’re limited on the number of sales you can have. Plus, you don’t want to oversaturate your community or burn out your parents. So how do you pick the best possible program that improves sales results? Here are some additional things to ponder.

What are our customer socioeconomics?

Items in a typical brochure range from about $5 to $35. Although this may work well for many schools, some schools may need to sell less expensive items. Maybe your area will do better if you offer more affordable products for your area, like candy bars. They're popular, affordable and are easy to sell.

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What fundraising groups are we competing against?

You probably don’t want to be selling the same items as another competing group. It often helps to reserve your program with your school as early as possible. This will protect your program from another group that might be attempting to sell something similar at the same time.

Do we need a different fundraiser?

Sometimes you need to change things up a little. It’s nice when people expect to be able to buy a specific item each year from a certain group. However, sometimes taking a break and selling something different can be good; especially if your sales are stagnant or in a decline. You can always go back to it again later.

How are we motivating our group to sell?

Are parents complaining about the quality of the prize program? Are students satisfied with what they’re getting? Most prize programs that school fundraising companies provide offer cheap prizes at the lower levels; however to win the more worthwhile prizes, students have to sell significantly more. Many experienced sellers know that going in and usually don’t bother selling anything at all.

The best way to improve fundraiser results is to find the right program and combining it with an effective incentive plan.

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