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Science Club Sponsor Likes Process

Science Club Sponsor Likes Process
High School Fundraising Review

We did the Just Chillin catalog sales and it worked well. This was our first year with your company. I liked how the order forms made duplicates so I didn't have to copy them before I sent them in. I also liked that I could scan and email our order. The previous company we used made us mail them, which cost about $7! I liked how you packaged each individual person's sold items in a box (most of them anyway). I did NOT like the packing peanuts-too much to deal with/messy. I like paper or air-filled packing better.

Your company did take quite a bit longer to get our items to us. The previous company we used shipped the items to us within a week of receiving our order, so we usually got things about 2 weeks after sending in the order. This year, we received our packages exactly 4 weeks after I emailed the order to you. The items were all of good quality and I liked the reward system.

Amy Larson
Minico High School Science Club
Rupert, ID

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