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High School Fundraising Review

We did the Just Chillin catalog sales and it worked well. This was our first year with your company. I liked how the order forms made duplicates so I didn't have to copy them before I sent them in.

I also liked that I could scan and email our order. The previous company we used made us mail them, which cost about $7!

I liked how you packaged each individual person's sold items in a box (most of them anyway). I did NOT like the packing peanuts-too much to deal with/messy. I like paper or air-filled packing better.

Your company did take quite a bit longer to get our items to us. The previous company we used shipped the items to us within a week of receiving our order, so we usually got things about 2 weeks after sending in the order.

This year, we received our packages exactly 4 weeks after I emailed the order to you. The items were all of good quality and I liked the reward system.

Amy Larson
Minico High School Science Club
Rupert , ID

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