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High School Finds Popcornopolis Delicious

High School Finds Popcornopolis Delicious
Online Fundraiser Review

First your Popcornopolis is delicious. Our Fundraiser was all virtual as students are all online. While there was definitely interest (by the number of unique visits to our designated website) there were very few sales generated after people viewed it. From feedback received, while interest was high, the shipping cost for individual orders precluded most from completing the sale. I can see this would be a great fundraiser for in person schools but didn't generate the sales we were hoping for.

This fundraiser on our end was publicized by emailing all 2500+ student families twice, posted on the school's ASB Instagram account. Posted on the school's Facebook page, alumni page and 10 other local Facebook group pages. Also posted on the Nextdoor app. My point, it wasn't for lack of advertising. They have done 3 other virtual fundraisers, this one generated the least interest and had the highest shipping.

Karley Chubb
Parent Facilitator
Patrick Henry High School
San Diego, CA

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