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Sponsor Says Candle Fundraiser Rep Responsive

Sponsor Says Candle Fundraiser Rep Responsive
Online Fundraiser Review

Our sales person, Clay, was always responsive and supportive, he gets 5 stars, however the process left much to be desired as it was outdated and disappointing, two stars. 1. No individual store and/or seller options not precipitated to make it easier for the buyer, 2. The shipping selection should have only been set to ship to purchaser but buyers were allowed to select a central pick up when we clearly communicated that we did not desire that option and 3. No leader board.

The reporting was not real time and was dependent upon a company employee to generate it daily, multiple days this was not done. Our youth were in a competition of who could sale the most and this process did not work well for that. When I read that this is a pop up shop and receive instructions for the youth the register, I expect things to be more automated. Given that the company retains 60% of the sales, I highly recommend investing some of that in upgrading the technology as to make this process smoother and more rewarding for the participating youth programs.

LeAnne Mason
Committee Chair
Omicron Theta Zeta Youth Auxiliary
Stafford, VA

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