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High School Sponsor Pleased with Service

High School Sponsor Pleased with Service
High School Fundraiser Review

With this being my first experience with fundraising at all, and obviously, Big Fundraising Ideas, I was very ignorant about the process. I had numerous questions at all points in the process, and they were all answered promptly and with courtesy. I was also afraid that I would have to spend hours sorting both the selling packages and the items once they arrived, but the brochures were all individually packaged and ready to hand to each student. The items ordered also all came packaged by the student that ordered them; saving me so much time and energy! Also, they sent multiple views of the fundraiser, allowing me to look at any angle of the fundraiser I needed, which was nice for rewarding top earners, glancing at the total cost, profits, etc.

There were items that were likely bought for holiday gifts that were on backorder, but this is unavoidable at times. I feel that they handled it professionally, and they alerted me, as well as marked it on each student’s order with what was missing. Overall, the process was way more organized, seamless, and easy than I anticipated. I would definitely recommend and will use this company in the future!

Mikah Perkins
Lamar High School
Lamar, AR

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