How to Schedule a Big Event Fundraising Program

Helpful big event scheduling tips

Many schools have asked us when we recommend scheduling their big event fundraising program. For the most part, we’re flexible and will work around your schedule unless we already have the same event scheduled in your area.

You’re always better off scheduling your big event as close to the end of your sale as possible. The reason is so your students will more easily associate the reward with their fundraising efforts. We can schedule your big event anytime once you’ve signed up for your fundraiser but keep in mind that your invoice must be paid in full prior to the day of the event. Because schools need to work around their timetable as much as possible, here are our big event fundraising program scheduling recommendations.

Scheduling a Party

Here are some things to know when scheduling a super party or super splash party:

  • Our parties are 2-hour events.
  • If additional time is needed, additional pricing can be worked out. The organization will need to pay for any additional time beyond our standard 2 hour time period.
  • Suggested booking times:
    • Morning Events: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
    • Afternoon Events: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
      • Feel free to schedule a start time that works for you.

Scheduling a Show

When scheduling a magic show or reptile show:

  • The magic show is a 40-minute event and the reptile show is a 1-hour event.
  • Schools are normally limited to 1 show only. The exceptions are as follows:
    • If the school or organization exceeds $40,000 in gross sales (excluding tax) and there is not enough room to seat all of the sellers who sold 5 or more for one showing.
    • If school or organization meets the above exceptions then the 2nd show must immediately follow the 1st show.
    • Schools that desire a 2nd show and do not meet the above exceptions always have the option to pay for the 2nd show out of their profits as long as the performer’s schedule permits.

Our big events are normally held during school hours; however some schools choose to work around other activities, like a carnival for example. In some cases, an earlier or later start time may be necessary if another school is already booked in the same area.

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