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Reptile Show Experts

Make your next fundraiser stand out.

The Big Event Reptile Adventures Show is a unique incentive program for school fundraising. Students who reach an easy-to-obtain sales goal will earn free admission to see, learn about, and touch live reptiles. Unlike other prize programs, where students must sell a lot to get bigger prizes, Reptile Adventures is experienced by all who sell five or more items. It’s that simple. This will encourage more students to sell because the big prize is now accessible to everyone!

When combining our reptile show prize program with one of our brochures, you’ll have the opportunity to bring in a one-of-a-kind assembly at no charge instead of hiring an expert at full price. Once your students see our amazing video, they’ll be motivated to sell like never before.

Reptile Show Goals & Philosophies

All of our experts have years of experience performing school assemblies. But experience is only a part of it. We select the most engaging reptile experts with the “heart of a teacher”. This will ensure that your students develop a fascination for reptiles as well.

Our shows are entertaining, interactive, and educational. Your students will not experience another school assembly quite like it. So jump in and learn more about our experts!