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4 Fundraising Tweeters to Add to Your Feed

By Clay Boggess on Nov 1, 2017
4 Fundraising Tweeters to Add to Your Feed

Keep your feed fresh with insights from fundraising experts

Fundraising ideas are constantly evolving, often to accommodate technological and social advances. Money-raising gurus are making themselves more accessible than ever through story-telling platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, sharing ideas that could take your school fundraiser to the next level.

We enjoy sharing brilliant ideas from leading fundraisers on topics ranging from online fundraising to making donors into advocates. For more digestible tips, we’ve curated a handful of fundraising experts who share their wisdom in 140 characters or less with their followers. As you plan, carry out, and evaluate your next school fundraiser, add these individuals and organizations to your twitter feed for constant inspiration and some free expert opinions.

If you like this list, be sure to check out some fundraising influencers whose books, talks and social media platforms are top sources for quality fundraising content.


Talk about getting a prime Twitter handle! Gareth Edwards of Company Solutions & the Practical Fundraising Association shares nuggets of fundraising excellence from across the pond on a very active Twitter feed. From thought provoking questions, like “What ideas are your competitors using?” to industry-focused fundraising news, Edwards offers an endless stream of ideas to more than 35,000 followers. He’s even got a “Fundraising Daily” newsletter loaded with articles for your inspiration. Edwards general advice works with any fundraiser, from individuals to grassroots groups to larger nonprofits.


Fundraising experts are, themselves, great sources of information. But as they say, it takes one to know one, and in addition to sharing tons of her own great content, top-rated fundraiser Gail Perry also shares with you great tips from other fundraising leaders. With frequent updates that include videos, webinars and articles, Perry offers organizations a robust fundraising education accessible right through their Twitter feeds. Join her 18,000 followers and glean some insights on donor appeals, donor metrics, and donor cultivation. Perry is a great choice for those in traditional fundraising and development roles who rely on annual giving to meet their bottom line.


Looking for diverse, compelling and current fundraising content? Our friends over at 101Fundraising have the hottest crowdblog in fundraising, with hundreds of career fundraisers contributing to a treasure trove of information and ideas. Featuring some of the top fundraising influencers, and even some of our own great ideas, 101Fundraising invites thought leaders to contribute to their blog, which they share posts from regularly on Twitter.

Explore their site yourself, or add it to your newsfeed to see what they’ve selected as fundraising news or ideas worth hearing about. They don’t post very frequently, but you can count on a couple of great posts each month, like “If you give donors a great experience, they will give more and give for longer” and “'Know me and show me you know me.”


The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a revered publication in the nonprofit sector, and if you don’t yet follow its editor-in-chief or the publication’s feed, it’s a must-have on your fundraising list. With original research on topics like “Fundraising and the American Family” to quality journalism on philanthropy news and topics that fundraisers across the board care about, the Chronicle will keep you in-the-know about the national and global trends in giving.

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