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How Successful School PTOs form Business Alliances

By Clay Boggess on Aug 18, 2015
How Successful School PTOs form Business Alliances

How to benefit from the help of businesses

If you want your organization to thrive, you should be looking for ways to enhance your existing school fundraising efforts. Asking businesses to provide additional incentives that get more parents involved selling is only one option. Partnering with local businesses can make a carnival, bake sale or auction more exciting and lucrative as well.

For example, you may want to have a silent auction going on during your school carnival. Soliciting local businesses to help donate the prizes can benefit everyone involved. Or, you might ask a business to donate gift cards to help improve fundraiser participation. Here are some things that you should consider that successful school PTOs do to form effective business alliances.

Form a Business Donation Committee

Start by forming a business donation committee within your PTO that specifically handles reaching out to businesses in your area. The group might consist of 2-4 people. Start by asking what specific items your PTO will need business donations for.

Create a PTO Donation Letter Template

Writing a donation letter can be surprisingly simple. The important thing is to clearly state who you are and why you’re asking for donations in the first place. Be brief and to the point; however remember to also be personable and appreciative. You can also get ideas by googling ‘How to write a donation letter’.

Creating a template will allow you to reuse the letter for multiple businesses.

Track your Business Partnership Activity

Once you get started, make sure you also have a way to keep up with any business partnership activity. You'll want to:

  • Keep track of donation letters that are sent out.
  • Have a record of the school fundraising companies that have already been contacted.
  • Know what specific donations have been received.
  • Send out ‘thank you for your donation’ letters.

You can keep this information in a binder; however there are ways that allow for information to be shared more efficiently amongst your team, like using Google docs.

Successful school PTOs simply understand the value of forming strategic alliances with businesses that also see a mutual benefit.

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