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How to Prepare for a Quick School Fundraiser Finish

By Clay Boggess on Jan 22, 2015
How to Prepare for a Quick School Fundraiser Finish

How to keep your sale from dragging on at the end

You can feel it. The end is almost here. You’ve received your shipment, your students boxes have been sent home and customers should be receiving their items shortly. What happens after all of the boxes have been cleared out?

You’re just about done but believe it or not there are still a few things that can come up that you may still need to address before your sale is finally complete.

Since there are some additional things left to do before your sale wraps up, make sure to have a plan in place to deal with them. To prevent things from dragging any more than they have to, here’s how you can prepare for a quick school fundraiser finish.

Verify Late Fundraising Orders

If you faxed in any late orders after you mailed in your initial order, you’ll want to verify that these orders were actually delivered. You can do this by cross-referencing your copies of the late order forms with your sales report provided by the fundraiser company. If the late orders don't appear in the report, then you should expect to receive an additional shipment. Make sure to verify this with the company. Another scenario is if late orders were entered in your report but you didn't receive an actual order. In this case the order is missing and you should report it to the company. This usually means the order form wasn't received by the company. It will be up to you to determine if you still want to submit the order for processing or not.

Report Replacement Items

Ensuring a quick school fundraiser wrap up also means having a way to deal with replacement items. If your company provided your parents with a toll-free phone number to call to deal with any missing or damaged items, then there is nothing you have do on your end. This information is provided inside each seller's box. Sometimes you’ll still get approached by parents anyway. If you do, simply refer them to the toll-free number. Many companies deal directly with the parents and ship replacement items directly to them as opposed to the school.

On the other hand, if a toll-free phone service is not offered, you’ll want to give your parents a certain time limit to report back any item issues. We recommend no longer than 7 days. Send home a note informing parents that missing or damaged merchandise will not be replaced after your deadline date. Once the date passes, you can submit an item replacement form to the company.

Pay Your Fundraiser Invoice

Your company will provide an invoice and inform you as to when it must be paid. Some companies expect payment once any issues have been addressed while others require payment at delivery. In some cases, companies may require receipt of payment prior to shipment. You'll want to make sure you have an understanding of your company's payment policy up front. Most companies charge an additional fee for late payment.

If you ultimately want to ensure an easy process during, and a quick school fundraiser conclusion at the end, make sure you plan ahead for any possible hiccups that are bound to happen.

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