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Philanthropic Fundraisers for Schools

By Clay Boggess on Mar 18, 2023
Philanthropic Fundraisers for Schools

What a philanthropic fundraiser is and how it’s done.

Are you considering a philanthropic fundraiser for your school? Are you searching for a unique way to raise money and give back simultaneously? Or you may have just heard of the concept and wondered what it is. Regardless of what brought you here, let’s dive in together and learn about philanthropic fundraisers, what they are, and how to have one.

What Is A Philanthropic Fundraiser?

Before you ask, philanthropy and fundraising aren’t the same things. Not exactly, at least. Fundraising can be an act of philanthropy, but they differ in definition. Philanthropy, stemming from a Greek word translated to a love of humanity, refers to an idea, event, or action done to improve humanity, typically involving a sacrifice or input from the philanthropic individual.

In contrast, fundraising requests donations, typically capital and in-kind donations, to support a social cause. Here, philanthropy is raising funds for a social cause, while fundraising is the resulting action. Learn more about this here.

So then, what is a philanthropic fundraiser? A philanthropic fundraiser is a method of raising capital through giving back to the community. In supporting a social cause, your school also funds its cause. You can accomplish this in several ways. It is usually organized similarly to a marathon in which sponsors pay the school per hour of participant volunteer time donated to a social cause.

Examples of Philanthropic Fundraisers

Examples of philanthropic fundraisers include:

  • Cleaning up the neighborhood: Offering lawn and housekeeping chores to the elderly or disabled free of cost is a great way to give back. Ask sponsors to donate in line with the hours given to this cause to raise funds for your school. Work is also be done on a low-scale donation basis if sponsors cannot be secured.
  • Split pot fundraiser: Donations are split between the school and a local organization to help two causes with one raise. Fundraising ideas for this method are endless and may include product fundraisers, events, virtual fundraisers, and more.
  • Philanthropic event: Host an event advocating for a social cause. Consider using informative speakers and handouts. Another philanthropic event idea is to partner with a disabled or elderly home looking for activities for their residents. The residents get a unique and rewarding experience volunteering at or otherwise participating in your event while you get closer to your fundraising goals.
  • Giving to those experiencing homelessness: Ask participants to purchase food, clothes, and other merchandise from the school. Instead of taking home their purchases, the items go to people without housing. The school makes money on purchases while making a difference, and participants feel good about giving back while supporting local education.

Why Host a Philanthropic Fundraiser?

Your campaign can gain more traction when partnered with a philanthropic aspect. You gain goodwill in the community by showing you care about community members and organizations and are willing to do something to help.

Additionally, people are more likely to participate and give if they know their donation supports two critical local causes. You get what your school needs and you help another local group.

Not to mention, it feels good to give back.

How To Host A Philanthropic Fundraiser

Ready to host your school’s philanthropic fundraiser? Here’s how to do it.

Pick A Cause

Start by picking a cause to support. Examples include homelessness, elderly care, nature cleanup, boys and girls programming, and more.

Choose A Campaign Method

Your campaign method is how you decide to raise funds while supporting your chosen cause. Consider one of the examples from the section above or another creative method you and your fundraising committee create.

Market Your Raise

Tell people about your fundraiser. Tell them the needs of the school and the impacted group or organization and how your fundraising method solves both problems. Explain how participants can get involved and why it matters that they do.

Launch Your Philanthropic Fundraiser

You’re ready to go! Launch your campaign and start making a difference.

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Author Bio Clay Boggess, Author

Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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