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Why Parents Prefer our Big Event Prize Programs

By Clay Boggess on Nov 26, 2013
Why Parents Prefer our Big Event Prize Programs

What Big Events do for students

Any parent can relate. We roll our eyes every time a fundraising packet comes home with the typical prize flyer inside. Unfortunately, our children are the ones who get excited about these cheap and junky prizes. Parents know they can simply go to the dollar store and buy a similar quality prize and not have to sell anything at all. Unfortunately our kids don't let us off that easily.

Big event prize programs are different from traditional prize programs. Instead of receiving prizes for selling items out of a brochure, students get to attend a party or show. So, in addition to getting to avoid the cheap prize issue, why do parents prefer our Big Event Prize Programs?

The Big Event Fundraising Goal is Easy

The majority of students will only sell a few items, and with a traditional prize program receive a lower quality prize. However, by sell the same number of items, attending a party or show instead is definitely worth it to most parents.

Schools that bring in a party are offering their students 2 hours of fun with their friends on a variety of inflatables. Or, if the school elects to bring in a show, the students are entertained by a magic show performer or reptile expert.

The Reward can be Fun and Educational

In addition to our shows being entertaining and fun, parents like them because they are educational. Schools that use our magic show incentive get to choose between 8 different curriculum-based themes. Our reptile show teaches students about the 4 main types of reptiles. Both of these shows are interactive and encourage audience participation.

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