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4 Ways to Turn Every Student into a Top Seller

By Clay Boggess on Sep 22, 2011
4 Ways to Turn Every Student into a Top Seller

How to equip every student to think like a top seller

What if there was a way to turn every student into a top seller? Believe it or not, there are elementary schools out there that are actually able to get as many as 80-90% of their students to sell at least 1 item. At the same time, many of these students end up selling several items, and out of those, perhaps as many as 10 are competing for top sales.

In a real world, even though every student can’t be the top seller, your goal is to instill a success mentality into as many of your students as possible. If you are able to accomplish this, your fundraiser would probably exceed your wildest expectations. So how can sponsors inspire their students to maximize their selling potential? Perhaps it would be beneficial to look at what top sellers actually do.

1. Top Sellers Start Fundraising Early

Those who start selling right away have more time to sell, and end up making more sales. Productive sellers don’t let distractions or procrastination stand in their way. Once they get home and have reviewed their student packet with their parents, they're ready to get started. They understand that fundraisers only last for a short time so they make the most of it.

2. They Set Daily Sales Goals

Students who sell a lot set a daily sales goal, and they stick with it. It doesn’t matter if their goal is to sell 3 items each day or 10. They're able to break the fundraiser down into smaller, easy to reach goals. Even by selling a little each day, these students know they'll usually outsell others who sell sporadically. Consistency is the key as smaller daily achievements can add up to much bigger results in the end.

3. Family Members Help Them Sell

In addition to these students approaching people they know, they also ask their parents and other family members to take their brochure to work. This way multiple family members are also selling to the people that they know.

4. They Also Make Online Sales

Only so many people can be approached face to face so they also sell online. Most school fundraising companies offer an online store so out of town friends and family can support the students as well. Once parents register their students online, they can send out emails to potential buyers. Students receive additional prize credit and the group makes money from online sales.

Just think if every student incorporated these selling methods. Schools would need to come up with additional ways to spend the extra money.

How could you help your students become more productive?

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