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How to Take Control of Your Fundraiser Outcome

By Clay Boggess on Feb 24, 2015
How to Take Control of Your Fundraiser Outcome

Simple ideas that can boost your sales

You’ve kicked off your sale and your students just took home their fundraising packets. Now what? If you’re like many sponsors at this point, you may have bought into a big misconception that says that the sale is now out of your hands. You believe that you’ve done all you can to influence your students to sell.

Your students have everything they need and it’s up to them to make it happen. They have to make the choice to share the packets with their parents. You’re hoping that many will be encouraged to make sales because of the prizes.

But is your sale really out of your hands? After all, you can’t force students to sell. However you can inspire them. The good news is that there are many things you can do to impact your sale and thus take greater control of your fundraiser outcome.

Post Promotional Flyers

Make sure that you post reminders around your school about what your students can win in exchange for selling. Just because they already have a prize brochure in their packet doesn’t mean that they’re actively looking at it every day. Make sure that wherever they walk, they’re reminded about the prizes.

And don’t be afraid to post your own flyers, especially if you’re offering additional incentives like a top seller prize or a grand prize drawing. It’s also a good idea to post reminders in the front office area so anyone who comes into the school is reminded about your fundraiser, including your parents.

Take your top seller award to an even higher level by placing the actual prize inside your display case for all to see.

Remind Students to Sell

Make sure that someone is daily reminding your students about the fundraiser. This is an opportunity to get creative and share a unique message every day. You can even award periodic incentives to students throughout the sale. This will get everyone’s attention. And don’t just share relevant information; rather ask direct questions. For example, “How many of you have already sold at least 5 items?”

Ask the principal to get involved by addressing the students each day. If your school offers video streaming into the classrooms this is an opportunity to get creative by showing them your top seller prizes.

Track Your Fundraiser

Smaller groups can take greater control of their fundraiser outcome by checking their students order forms and money envelopes at various points of the sale. Sponsors can give their students advanced notice on the days that they plan to do this. Incentives can be incorporated into the check in days.

Even though you don’t have control over the actual sales that are made, you can definitely impact your fundraiser outcome by keeping your students motivated to sell throughout your campaign.

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