How Our Face Mask Fundraiser Works

Groups use their custom order form to collect orders and money. Your order form will include your customized masks. There is an upfront $25 set up fee. Here's how our face mask fundraiser works:

  1. We'll send you your order form via email. Make copies of your customized order form for each student.
  2. Students ask neighbors, family and friends to order items listed on the form.
  3. Students turn in their order forms and money.
  4. Money is deposited in your account, and order forms are submitted to us for processing.
  5. You receive a sales report.
  6. We'll email you an invoice for what's owed and you keep the rest as profit.
  7. Order is packed and shipped to the group.
  8. Students deliver the masks to their buyers.

NOTE: Our Masks are not medical grade masks. If you need medical grade masks or other personal protective equipment please contact a medical professional.