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What About a Home Delivery Fundraiser?

By Clay Boggess on Dec 29, 2014
What About a Home Delivery Fundraiser?

What you should know about a ship to student sale

Many schools feel that one of the most difficult parts of the fundraising process has to do with the delivery of their merchandise. So when presented with the option of not having to deal with it at all, some sponsors will be intrigued.

Presorted merchandise has made the delivery process much easier than it used to be when sponsors had to sort their own items after a bulk delivery. However since most school fundraising companies now ship orders by individual seller, sorting has become a thing of the past.

To take it a step further, sponsors can remove themselves from having to handle any product at all by doing a home delivery fundraiser. Several companies offer it; is it something you should consider?

Here are some things to ponder if you're contemplating a non-school delivery:

The Type of Fundraising Product

Since each seller's box will be delivered to a home or work address, you will not be able to sell anything that is frozen, like cookie dough or frozen food, because students boxes may sit unattended.

Groups Pay More for Home Delivery

Most companies lower the profit percentage to ship individual boxes to several different addresses as opposed to shipping everything to one location with a standard delivery.

Sponsors are out of the Delivery Loop

If you're used to counting boxes and ensuring that everyone receives their order, this will be a new experience for you. You won’t actually know that boxes are being delivered. Instead, you'd be notified that people will start receiving their orders shortly. If anything arrives missing or damaged, instructions are placed inside each box along with a toll-free phone number. Therefore, replacement items are handled directly between parents and the company.

Do you Trust your Parents?

Since you will be out of the loop with home delivery, your parents will be handling everything. Once their order is received, they'll need to inspect it, order any replacement items, and deliver the merchandise to customers. You'll also need to assume that a correct address has been placed at the top of each student’s order form.

Home delivery can be a wise choice as long as you realize that there's more to it than just eliminating the delivery at your school.

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