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The History of the School Brochure Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Jul 4, 2014
The History of the School Brochure Fundraiser

A look at the evolution of the sales brochure

As we reflect back and celebrate the birth of our great nation, no one alive in 1776 could have anticipated how things could have evolved to this point. The same can probably be said about the school brochure fundraiser.

According to ‘PTO Today’, product sales are most likely the oldest form of person to person selling method used by schools. It’s the reason some companies have been around for over 40 years, while others are relatively new on the scene. To survive, companies need to change with the times.

And those who don’t adapt usually don't last. The fact remains that opportunities are there as current demand for additional money has never been greater due to ongoing district budget cuts. Here's more information about the history of brochure fundraisers.

Brochures Replaced Physical Fundraising Kits

Once upon a time, before the brochure, students were provided with kits that actually contained physical items for sale. This made the process both easy and hard. Having the actual items in students hands meant that they could be sold on the spot. As a result, students didn’t need to come back a second time and deliver the item as they do today. On the other hand, unlike with a brochure, students had a limited supply of products to sell. The kits were also a bit awkward and often difficult to carry.

Bulk Shipments Gave Way to Presorted Merchandise

It used to be that everything was delivered bulk. School sponsors would then have the difficult task of sorting and distributing the merchandise. Everyone was fine with it because no one knew any better at the time. With today’s technology we’re able to sort orders by seller and even by teacher and grade level. Detailed reports are also provided that allow sponsors to document and analyze their sales results.

New ways to sell have also recently evolved, including advancements with online stores and scrip sales. But the fact remains that the school brochure fundraiser remains extremely popular. According to AFFRDS, over $1.7 billion a year is raised using brochures, and this is not expected to change anytime soon.

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