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The Anatomy of a Good Fundraising Brochure

By Clay Boggess on Oct 20, 2011
The Anatomy of a Good Fundraising Brochure

A guide to picking the best possible sales catalog

When it comes to raising money, a large percentage of schools choose to sell out of a brochure so there’s plenty of competition out there. Therefore, if you expect people to make a purchase, selecting a good fundraising brochure is important if you want to stand out.

When choosing a brochure for your school, there are several things to consider like buyer motivation, pricing, where certain items appear in the brochure and how they’re presented on each page. Will people be able to easily reference needed information about an item and are the item numbers properly marked? This can affect whether someone orders the wrong item by mistake.

Buyer Motivations

People become buyers for the following reasons:

  • They see something interesting and are enticed to make a purchase.
  • They buy a familiar item they had a good experience with previously.
  • They know the seller and want to support them.
  • They don’t see anything that they really want but feel compelled to support the school or student.

Seller Intuitions

However, schools usually choose a particular brochure because:

  • The same type of brochure seems to work for them year after year.
  • They attempt to catch people’s attention by trying something new and different.

To make sure you pick a good school fundraiser brochure, consider the following before making your choice:

Fundraiser Brochure Selection

Selection is everything when it comes to brochure sales. The more types of items you offer, the more appealing your brochure will be to a wider base of potential buyers.

Brochure Item Pricing

If you expect people to buy, make sure that the items are priced reasonably. The average price in your brochure should be between $10 and $12. It’s ok to offer a few more expensive items, but most of your sales will be made with the less expensive merchandise.

General Brochure Design & Layout

This is often overlooked but still important nonetheless. The items in your brochure must present well in order to make them appealing to potential customers. Good school fundraising companies spend a lot of money in order to capture the right camera angles, lighting and coloring that surround their items. This is so the items will stand out when your customers see them.

Make sure there are not too many items on each individual page. Cluttered pages can sometimes be confusing to a potential buyer. If the items and their respective pricing and descriptions are too close together, ordering mistakes can occur. Unfortunately some companies try to save money by placing more items on fewer pages.

In addition, make sure your item descriptions are in Spanish as well. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have an ‘eye-catching’ cover either.

Choosing a good fundraising brochure is important, but be sure to also focus on other areas, like how you plan to promote you sale.

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