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The Drawbacks to Fundraising Kickoffs During P.E.

By Clay Boggess on Aug 19, 2010
The Drawbacks to Fundraising Kickoffs During P.E.

Why P.E. fundraiser kickoffs are less effective

With increased pressure being placed on educators to use every bit of time available to prepare their students for upcoming standardized exams, it would initially make sense to not take time out of class for an extracurricular activity like a school-wide kickoff assembly.

As a result, many administrators who are concerned about this, schedule their fundraising kickoffs during P.E. Although this may possibly solve one problem, they often don’t think about the potential consequences that this can have on their sales results.

So what are you giving up if you decide not to have all of your students together for a kickoff assembly?

Disadvantages to Multiple Fundraising Kickoffs

You are giving up some potential benefits when you don't have everyone together, like:

  • Lower energy and enthusiasm due to fewer students in the room. The bigger the group, the greater the energy and excitement. Enthusiasm is contagious so the more you can generate the better.
  • School administrators and teachers are often not present. Since these people are the school leaders, they could play a key role in helping to motivate your students at the kickoff. Instead, they are often uninformed and uninvolved.
  • With the emphasis on health and fitness, you're still using up P.E. time to have your kickoff.
  • You're using up less classroom time by having everyone together to hear the message at the same time.
  • Your greatest fundraising asset is the unification of your students, administrators, teachers and staff coming together to work towards a financial goal.

Consolidating the Kickoff Meeting

One compromise would be to kick off your sale during morning announcements. This way, you're not using up classroom time and you're still able to reach all of your students at the same time. Although, this format probably won't achieve the energy level that a school wide assembly would.

Or, by scheduling school wide fundraising kickoffs where everyone is together, groups have the best opportunity to create high energy and enthusiasm. This is the foundation that leads to a successful sale. After all, you don’t have many opportunities to raise money, so why not make the most of it?

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