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Fundraising Events are Best for Friendraising

By Clay Boggess on Feb 12, 2022
Fundraising Events are Best for Friendraising

4 Tips for bringing in more people to support your school

Fundraising events are often the first way people learn about important causes. Having the right information and creating attachment to a cause can net you more people who want to support you. Here are four tips you need to know to successfully win friends while fundraising:

1. Clearly state why it’s important you exist

Sure, people like your chocolate and gift wrap. But do they like you? Do they know why you are important? Make sure you tie your fundraising event to a “why” and not only get their dollars, get their hearts, too.

For example, “purchasing a stainless-steel tumbler helps our Tiger football program be the best at teaching leadership and sportsmanship skills to our teen players – skills they can use to build a life of success in the future.” People like to support important causes for youth.

2. Tap into their passion

Guests have a reason to attend fundraising events for nonprofits – they have a personal interest in supporting your cause. During the event, have representatives like students or parents ready to engage with guests and ask them more about their interests.

The more common ground you find between your guest’s passion and your purpose, the better a friend you can make. The more excitement you can share with the new friend, the greater the chance of future gifts without even asking.

This can also work on large groups of people. In fact, large groups tend to generate all kinds of excitement, so keep their passion stoked!

3. Stay connected

With every fundraising event, always collect at least the name and email for each participant. Then stay in touch; don’t let the list collect dust. Don’t leave dollars on the table by not taking advantage of this opportunity. Start by saying thank you for participating (everyone loves to be thanked).

Then, share your most exciting news regularly. And always respond back if someone replies to your communication. Be sure to include an “opt-out” option for those who don’t want to hear from you. Can you see what we’re doing here? We’re building a relationship!

4. Listen to what the people want

This will help you learn what other things they may be interested in, and you can craft future fundraising for events around the feedback you receive from these new friends. Remember, the virtual world is another opportunity to create exciting fundraising events for schools.

Even after the pandemic goes away, you will find people interested in participating virtually more and more. Not convinced that’s true? We can show you why virtual fundraising events are here to stay. And that means you’ll be able to win even more people to your cause!


Fundraising events are truly building relationships with friends in disguise. Take advantage of these feel-good opportunities to connect with people who share your passion.

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