Free Shipping Minimums

Shipping is free if the group meets certain order minimums:

Non-Frozen Brochures:

Groups with fewer than 100 participants

Sell 150 or more items. A $100 shipping and handling fee is charged for orders with fewer than 150 items sold.

Groups with 100 or more participants

As long as the group averages 2 items sold per enrolled participant, there is no shipping charge. For example, if you have 100 participants in your group, you will need to sell at least 200 items.

If your group averages less than 2 items sold per enrolled, you will incur the following fees:

  • Average from 1 to 1.99 items: 80ยข per enrolled participant
  • Average less than 1 item: $1.50 per enrolled participant

NOTE: We will combine brochure and online items sold. Any charges will be itemized on your invoice.

Frozen Food & Cookie Dough Brochures:

Shipping is free if 500 or more items are sold, regardless of group size. $1.00 will be charged for each item short of 500 items. For example, if 450 items are sold, then the group will be charged $50 for shipping.

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