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3 Things Effective Fundraising Sponsors Always Do

By Clay Boggess on Jan 21, 2014
3 Things Effective Fundraising Sponsors Always Do

Learn what successful fundraisers always do

There are many reasons why some sales succeed while others don’t. Some people believe success comes from choosing the right brochure. Others feel they’ll reach their goal as long as their students appear eager to sell because of the prizes they offer.

However, many sponsors underestimate how they can positively affect their own sale. If a choice had to be made between a good brochure, a motivational prize program or an effective leader, the latter usually wins.

Here are 3 things that effective fundraising sponsors expect their students to realize:

1. Become focused on the Fundraising Goal

To be successful, students need to know what they need to accomplish. They need to know how much the group needs to make and how their individual goal is an integral part of the overall objective. To become goal oriented, students need to believe in why they are selling.

2. Understand the Selling Process

Students need to feel comfortable with the entire sales process. Among other things, they need to know how to properly introduce themselves to a potential customer and answer questions about the brochure. The more prepared they are, the more likely they’ll succeed.

3. Recognize their Obligation to Fundraise

If left alone, most students would probably lose focus. Strong sponsors break the sale down into smaller easily obtainable goals. It’s important to not only remind students to sell, but to check on their progress. Just like teachers check homework, sponsors need to spot-check order forms and money envelopes periodically throughout the sale. This is to ensure that students stay accountable to their goals.

Effective fundraising sponsors lead by putting their vision in motion and then helping their students cross the finish line successfully.

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