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Using Discount Cards as Company Giveaways

By Clay Boggess on Nov 17, 2014
Using Discount Cards as Company Giveaways

How local businesses boost discount card sales

Many businesses are happy to endorse a local school cause, especially when they know that many others will support it too. This creates good will and helps them positively promote their company.

Discount cards can be used to help companies promote their business goals with their customers as well. You also benefit because businesses will often buy your cards in bulk and as a result, your group can sell off a lot of cards in a short period of time.

Here are 3 types of businesses that may be interested in using discount cards for company giveaway incentives.

1. Car Dealerships

Many groups have approached local car dealers sharing with them the idea of giving a discount card to every person who takes a test drive. The car dealer can use the year-long discounts that your card offers in his advertising as an incentive for potential customers. The discount card ties possible car buyers to them, because they will think of the dealership anytime they use the card. The dealership also knows they have the satisfaction of helping your group. It is a very economical way for them to gain some good will. A medium-sized new car dealership may experience a few hundred test drives in a relatively short period of time.

2. Real Estate Brokers

Most real estate brokers and their agents are looking for some way to keep their name in the minds of their prospects. By giving each of their prospects a discount card along with their business card, they accomplish several things:

  1. The prospect will be grateful for the opportunity to save money.
  2. They can easily become more familiar with the area because of the local businesses on the card.
  3. The real estate broker/agent is perceived as being community minded, because they're supporting your group as well as other local businesses. Anyone who is community minded probably knows the region very well. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a broker/agent who was already familiar with the area?

3. Insurance Agents

Insurance agents also want to be perceived as community minded. They want to be perceived as someone who knows how to manage money. Managing money consists of getting the most out of your dollar which is what a discount card helps to accomplish. Insurance agents could send a card to policyholders who were coming due for a renewal, or who were about to be notified of a rate increase. A discount card might help soften the blow.

Look around and be willing to think outside the box. You'll think of others in your community who could benefit by purchasing discount cards from you and giving away something of value to a client, or potential customer. As always, make sure you're able to speak to the decision maker, have a brief presentation ready to go, are courteous and dress professionally.

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