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How to Make Discount Card Sales in Bundles

By Clay Boggess on Oct 27, 2014
How to Make Discount Card Sales in Bundles

How to sell off your discount cards in a single sales call

A paraphrased proverb says, “Happy is the person who makes a sale, but happier is one who sells 25 or more discount cards in one call.” So, the question is how do I get happier?

The following section, if studied and put into practice can turn good discount card sales into great ones. It is not for everyone so make sure you study these approaches and know them well before introducing them to your students at your kickoff meeting.

It would also be a good idea to have your students’ team up and roll play before they contact any employers.

Selling Cards to Local Businesses

Make a list of every business in your area that employs ten or more people. Make certain every business is called on and has the opportunity to incentivize their employees. Employers want to be able to motivate their employees, and they want to look good when they do it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Who Should We Sell To?

The owner or manager of a business should be approached. It doesn’t do any good to tell your story to someone who can’t make a decision. So, persist until you are face to face with the actual decision maker.

What are Your Discount Card Sales Goals?

Let’s pretend we’re approaching the owner of a small manufacturing plant. Your goals in order of priority are to:

  1. Show them the businesses on your card and how it works.
  2. Share with them the benefits of purchasing a discount card for each employee.
  3. Ask them how many employees they have.
  4. Ask them to purchase a card for each employee.

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