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An Idea to Increase Discount Card Sales

By Clay Boggess on Aug 5, 2014
An Idea to Increase Discount Card Sales

An easier way to sell discount cards

Here’s a great idea that can increase discount card sales by getting students to call on additional prospects.

You will need to tell your students at your fundraising kickoff that certain individuals in their area have been issued a prize certificate. Whoever finds them first collects the certificate.

Students cannot win the certificate unless they ask the mystery person to buy a discount card from them. Make sure to also remind your adult volunteers to not issue any certificates unless they get asked to make a purchase.

How to Jump-Start Your Discount Card Sale

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Select a limited number of people in the community to participate.
  2. Give them an envelope containing a certificate and have them give it to the first student who asks them to purchase a discount card.
  3. Inside the envelope is a certificate for $25 in cash or some other prize.
  4. The seller who gets the envelope redeems the certificate.
  5. The cost of the certificate or prize can either be donated by a local supporting organization or taken from the profits of the sale.
  6. The contest will encourage students to call on everyone, because they don't know who the mystery people are.

Elicit the Help of Familiar People

Make sure to issue the certificates to people that your students are already somewhat familiar with. For example, if your group is associated with a high school, consider using certain teachers, coaches or administrators who already work at the school but the students may not readily think about. For non-school organizations, this may be a little more difficult, but attempt to find some common ground between all of your sellers and the people they know.

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