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Profit by Selling Discount Cards to Business Owners

By Clay Boggess on Sep 24, 2014
Profit by Selling Discount Cards to Business Owners

How to sell more discount cards in less time

Selling discount cards to business owners can greatly increase sales compared to simply selling to people one on one. As it turns out, both parties can mutually benefit. Because businesses usually purchase promotional materials in mass quantities, you can sell a lot of cards in a short period of time.

Plus, you’re offering a product that helps them foster goodwill with their employees. They’re also helping to bring additional foot traffic to their colleagues in the local business community. It’s often said that what goes around also comes around. Here are 2 steps that you can follow:

1. Get to the Decision Maker

If you don’t get to the decision maker, you won’t make the sale; therefore this first step is vital. You'll likely have to go through a secretary or receptionist. Be truthful, but don’t tell them any more than is necessary.

“Good morning, I’m ______________ with __________________. Our organization has a unique way to help selected local businesses provide their employees with a tremendous benefit. It will take less than five minutes to show. Who’s the person that I need to speak with?”

The secretary will either connect you with that person, or will continue to question. Respond to each question politely, but emphasize that you'll need to show it to the decision maker. Once you're there, stick to your five minute promise.

Also, emphasize that you’re not going to ask for a donation. If necessary, ask to schedule an appointment. Make sure you're there five minutes early, clean and neat. It would also be a good idea to have a selling teammate with you for the appointment.

2. Make Your Case

Realize this person’s time is valuable, so don’t waste it. Be brief and to the point. Decide who will make the presentation ahead of time. The other teammate should never interrupt. Remember what your goals are and stick with them.

“Mr. ____________, we are with _________________, and we have selected certain employers in the area to participate. Employers will have an opportunity to build good will for their business, benefit their employees, and help some of our own community’s retail businesses.”

“Let me show you how this benefit works.”

At this point, hand the employer a discount card.

“Mr. _____________, on the back of the card are local businesses that have agreed to give substantial discounts to our cardholders when they visit their stores. The cardholders may use these cards as often as they desire until the expiration date which is not until ___________.”

“Many employers across the country regularly purchase discount cards and give them to their employees. It helps build good will among the employees, which helps build company loyalty. In addition, it helps these local community businesses.”

“Your investment is less than ten cents per week per employee. The discount cards sell for $10 and that money helps our organization with _________________. Ten cents per employee per week would sure give employees an increased appreciation for you.” Now wait for the response. If the employer says yes, sell him the cards and collect the money. If he doesn’t say yes, then continue.

“Since we are not professional business people, would you mind telling us what you like best about this program, so we could do our best to explain it?” At this point do not talk until your prospect has completely finished.

Take out a tablet and write down what they say.

When your prospect is done, tell them that you appreciate their suggestions and then tie their needs to the benefits of the card.

The prospect will either tell you the number of discount cards they want, or that they're not willing to purchase the cards for their employees.

If they say they're not willing to purchase discount cards for their employees, ask if they would consider matching what the employee pays. In other words, their employees would pay half and the employer would pay half.

If your prospect still doesn't agree, ask if it would be all right to put flyers up on the company bulletin boards advertising the cards. Have someone in the office collect the money for the cards. You’ll then want to leave a reasonable number of discount cards and pick up the money and any unsold cards in about a week.

Have flyers with you that you can customize for their business by writing the name of the person collecting the money on the flyers. Thank the employer for their time and willingness to help.

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