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Increase Sales by Adding a Personalized School Tumbler

By Clay Boggess on Apr 15, 2014
Increase Sales by Adding a Personalized School Tumbler

Boost school spirit by adding your custom tumbler

You may be looking for creative ways to improve on your existing fundraiser sales. Perhaps your sale has become stagnant to your supporters. Complacency can become a problem, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

You can change things up by adding a personalized school tumbler brochure tag to your main tumbler shopper. This can help get your sale back on track.

By adding your own customized tumbler, you’re offering something completely different that can get people’s attention.

You’ll also help get the word out about your organization. Whether you are an elementary school, high school choir or middle school football team, people will know that they’re supporting your group when they purchase one of your tumblers.

And even if they don’t buy a school tumbler, you still have the opportunity to talk to them about your organization during the selling process.

Here are some advantages you may want to consider when a personalized tumbler is added:

Variety Improves Sales

Some people will want to buy out of the main brochure while others may want to either do both, or just purchase a school tumbler. This also gives you the opportunity to reach a different audience. Since most of the items found in brochures are geared towards women, the sports tumbler may also attract more men.

Team Selling is Exponential

It’s been proven that students who are able to get family members to help them sell usually bring in more money than those who don’t. The advantage to having 2 brochures is more than one family member can sell at the same time. For example, mom can take the regular brochure to work while dad takes the tumbler brochure.

Increase Sales Online

While selling face to face out of a brochure can bring in lots of sales, you can exponentially increase your profit by promoting your online store. Sellers can simply register and send their link out to family and friends and invite them to shop. You can even feature your custom tumbler on your store.

Buyers have the option of paying additional shipping to have their order shipped directly to their homes or pay a small processing fee and have their order shipped to your organization. Online items are automatically prepacked inside each seller's box. Learn about selling tumblers online.

Additional Suggestions

  1. Offer a tumbler that will reach the largest audience for your area. For instance, instead of selling your elementary school or middle school band tumbler, attempt to offer one for your local high school.
  2. However, the broader your customer base, the greater chance that another organization may have the same idea. Check first to make sure other groups in your area aren’t also planning to sell tumblers.
  3. Personalized items usually have minimum order requirements.

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