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Why Not Do a Cookie Mix Fundraiser?

By Clay Boggess on Jun 17, 2014
Why Not Do a Cookie Mix Fundraiser?

When a cookie mix sale is worth considering

Cookie dough has been a strong seller for many groups over the years. Previous drawbacks to dealing with frozen merchandise have been greatly minimized because most school fundraising companies are now able to prepack it by seller. This has made distribution at delivery much easier.

In addition, cookie dough offers a little more flexibility than frozen food because it can be left unrefrigerated for a longer period of time before it’s sent home. Frozen cookie dough is even more convenient because it also comes preportioned. All you have to do is thaw and bake. So why not do a cookie mix fundraiser?

Cookie Mix is Easy to Handle and Distribute

Even though frozen cookie dough is prepacked by seller, cookie mix doesn’t require any special handling at all. What if you have sellers that don’t pick up their frozen order on delivery day? You’ll need to make arrangements for temporary storage in a refrigerator.

Plus, you may be able to control the distribution of your merchandise from the school, but what about getting the cookie dough from the seller to the end customer. There are a lot of potential variables that can happen along the way.

Cookie Dough Order Requirements

Because it’s more costly to ship frozen product, most suppliers have higher minimum shipping order requirements that must be met. This makes it harder for smaller groups to meet the minimums.

Most mix brands are simple to prepare and already thawed once egg and butter are added. This makes a cookie mix fundraiser an ideal choice.

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