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Classic School Fundraisers Remain Vital for Successful Campaigns

By Clay Boggess on May 22, 2021
Classic School Fundraisers Remain Vital for Successful Campaigns

Blue chip fundraisers you shouldn't ignore

There is something to be said for the tried-and-true fundraiser. This can be anything we have all come to know and love – the stuff that consistently meets our expectations and becomes a household name.

Think candy apples in the fall, s’mores around a fire pit, and an old pair of jeans to name a few. Consistently meeting expectations encourages long-term fundraising success.

While schools have a plethora of fundraising options today, with many campaign choices even being completely virtual, the classics still prove to be fundraising MVPs.

“While new fundraising options get the publicity, product sales are still the backbone for parent groups,” explains PTO Today. “The fact remains […] that—marketing copy and promises aside:

traditional product fundraising accounts for roughly 80 percent of the dollars that school groups use to provide ‘extras’ for their groups

With 2,000+ fundraising companies in the US and Canada, PTO Today argues that “product fundraising is still the most important piece of the fundraising puzzle for the vast majority of parent groups.”

Recurring success with some of our staple fundraising products shows that organizations do not always need to step ‘outside the box’ to accomplish their fundraising goals. While your organization may consider adding one or two unique fundraisers next year, don’t forget to also add some heavy hitters.

Parents and students alike enjoy our proven winners and have come to know and trust that they will be popular sellers amongst the community.

Consider these top three classic product campaigns for your school’s next fundraiser:

1. Cookie Dough

The cookie dough fundraiser remains one of Big Fundraising Ideas’ most popular offerings. A large selection, ability to freeze the product for later, and high-quality ingredients make cookie dough a sure bet. In fact, our cookie dough can be frozen for up to a year, giving you something to rely on for that next get together, holiday, or “just because” scenario.

2. Popcorn

Reminiscent of movie nights, road trips (what parent hasn’t had to clean out a popcorn-blasted vehicle?), and carnivals, popcorn often conveys a feeling of happiness and jogs memories. Big Fundraising Ideas’ gourmet popcorn is gluten and GMO free, low-calorie, and contains zero MSG. Your family will taste the difference. Choose from several popcorn fundraiser packages here.

3. Candy Bars

Ah, the candy bar fundraiser does not disappoint. Schools using candy bars to raise money appeal to our undeniable sweet tooths. Make these available as an impulse purchase at your next event or placed in frequented areas to quickly get you to your next goal. With so many organizations needing to establish peanut-free zones, all of Big Fundraising Ideas’ candy bars are 100% peanut-free.

While your group is brainstorming the next new idea for fundraising, remember to add one of these classic choices to your long-term fundraising strategy. As a foundation-builder for fundraising, these traditional options offer something for everyone.

Since 1999, Big Fundraising Ideas has been helping schools nationwide raise millions. We believe better products, more exciting prizes, and timely service lead to a better fundraiser. We offer 100+ fundraising programs to support your fundraising success!



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