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Should Choosing a Fundraiser be Based on Price?

By Clay Boggess on Mar 8, 2014
Should Choosing a Fundraiser be Based on Price

Is price the best way to choose a fundraising product?

Everyone wants to save money and get the best possible price. School fundraising companies focus not just on why you should buy their product, but on assuring you that you’re getting the best price with them as well. Comparison shopping seems to be very much in vogue. For instance, hotel websites allow you to compare prices offered by various online booking agencies. Insurance companies post their price and those of their competitors. Businesses understand that most people want value, now more than ever.

But should the same thing apply when choosing a fundraiser brochure? Here are some things to think about when selecting a brochure.

Comparing Similar Fundraiser Brochures

Many schools like to gather as many brochures as possible and then compare the pricing of similar items. Their goal is to find the brochure that has the lowest pricing. As important as this may seem, should it be a major determining factor? Fundraising companies try to emphasize this to schools; however customers probably won’t even know the slight price differences.

Knowing Your Customer Sales Base

Knowing your customer base can definitely be an important factor when it comes to choosing a fundraiser. For example, we had been working with one particular elementary school in an economically-challenged community for many years. Because of their area, they sold out of one of our lower priced brochures and used our super party for their prize program. They had been pleased with their sales, but were never able to increase beyond about $18,000.

However, once they switched to a $1.00 candy bar fundraiser, their sales went up. They found the entire process to be easier for their students and parents. Having a product in hand to sell was more efficient than taking orders, having to wait for their shipment and then delivering the merchandise. Ultimately though, it was the type of item and the price that made the difference.

Contrarily, we’ve had numerous elementary schools choose our more expensive brochures because they want to offer their customers better quality. Most of these schools have experienced a dramatic rise in sales. Higher priced brochures that offer a better value are going to work better in some areas.

It’s true, people want to know they’re getting the best possible price, but what are they getting in exchange? The take home message is, choosing a fundraiser shouldn’t be based solely on price.

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