How to Enhance Your School’s Big Event Fundraising Program

Discover great ways to ensure that your big event fundraising prize program exceeds everyone’s expectations.

You’ve completed your school fundraiser and it’s time to prepare for your exciting big event fundraising reward that your students have earned for participating in the sale. At this point, they’re eagerly anticipating this upcoming extravaganza that they’ll get to experience with their classmates. If you've never brought one of our 4 events to your school, what can you do to help ensure that it's a big success?

Actually, there are several things you can do to help ensure that your students will have a great experience that they’ll remember for a long time. Plus, if your event goes well, it will help set the tone for future events and word will begin to spread about your brochure fundraiser. This will lead to an even bigger sale next year, and the year after that... Here are a few things you'll want to make sure that you do:

Ensure a Well-Organized Big Event

  • Make sure that your students are ready for the start time of your big event. Allow ample time to get your participation bracelets on your students who qualified. Most schools require at least an hour prior to start time to do this.
  • Have your students enter the event area in an organized manner so you can ensure that each student is wearing their qualification bracelet.
  • Make sure that you have your parent volunteers at the event at least 30 minutes before start time.

Safety is Your Top Priority

  • If you are doing one of our party events, your students will have several different activities going on. Make sure that you and your parent volunteers enforce the ‘no running’ rule at all times.
  • Students need to line up in an orderly manner and wait their turn on each inflatable game.

Set the Tone for Next Year with an Awards Ceremony

  • Leave about 15 minutes at the end of your big event to acknowledge your bigger sellers.
    • Have them come up to the front of the group, read off their names, how many items they’ve sold as well as how many total dollars they raised. It's recommended that you do this in order of the least to the highest overall seller. You should probably limit this activity to those who have sold 24 items or more. Be sure and make a big deal out of these sellers.
    • Make sure that you encourage everyone to clap as each name is announced. The idea is that everyone will see other students being acknowledged and may want to be up front next time.
  • Make sure that you wrap up your awards ceremony by asking all of the students if they had a good time.
  • Make sure and thank all of your participants for their hard work in helping to make their school fundraiser a success.
  • Allow for students who didn’t qualify for your big event to see what’s going on and what they are missing. This will motivate them to sell more for your next big event.

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