Richard Richey

Richard Richey holding large Snapping Turtle

Richard “The Oregon Reptile Man” was bitten in 1970. Not literally, but by the bite of extreme curiosity concerning the natural world, and it’s seemingly infinite colors, patterns, and abilities in the reptile realm.

Established in 1991, The Reptile Man utilizes over 60 exotic reptiles from around the world as educational ambassadors to nearly 500 organizations yearly.

The majority of our reptiles are obtained from local police and animal control agencies, and have found their way into TV commercials, the movie industry, as well as humane training tools known as “Rattlesnake Aversion Training” for over 100 hunting dogs yearly.

If we remove live animals from humans consciousness, eyes, and other senses, animals will eventually be removed from the earth as well. For love, respect, compassion, and knowledge rises from such experiences, and continues to evolve into conservation efforts in all its various forms.

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