Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller holding large snake

Deb's father was a Zoologist and provided her great inspiration as a child. On any given weekend they could be found catching snakes, frogs, and crawdads in the mountains of Arizona. Deb has a degree in Communications and Public Speaking with a minor in Zoology.

Deb did her college degree internship with wolves in New River Arizona, and also Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific where she focused on husbandry and breeding projects of sharks, stingrays, and sea dragons. Also an actress in Hollywood Deb brings an amazing entertainment and educational value to each and every show.

Deb's Dragons has been serving Greater Arizona with exceptional and highly interactive animal shows for 17 years. Deb's Dragons strives to create a show that is perfectly tailored to your event. We guarantee excitement, education, and fun at each and every encounter.

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