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Why Big Event Prize Programs Aren’t for Everyone

By Clay Boggess on Jun 27, 2014
Why Big Event Prize Programs Aren’t for Everyone

Why you may want to stay with traditional prizes

Choosing the right prize program that will motivate your group should be as important as selecting a brochure to sell. Unfortunately many don’t consider it as high a priority. When people initially submit our form requesting more information, the prize program field is often left blank. We intentionally set the prize program field as optional to track how many people would actually make a selection.

We’re optimistic when sponsors actually choose a prize program on their submission form. For example, they may want to learn more about our super party or magic show. This tells us that that the sponsor has taken the time to review our various incentive plans.

More importantly, they’ve been able to further define what they feel will best motivate their group to make sales. If a specific prize program is selected, we’re able to send them more information about it.

Big event prize programs have been proven to increase sales more than traditional incentive plans have. The reason is students find them exciting, unique and easy to qualify for, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are some things to consider before choosing a big event prize package.

Big Event Programs Require Disciplined Sponsors

It would be ideal if every student in the school was able to sell the 5 item minimum required to attend a big event magic show, for instance. The magic show assembly is educational and every student that attends will benefit. However, not every student will sell. So do you give in and let everyone go anyway? If you do, make sure and think about the potential consequences. Strong sponsors will always stick to their original commitment by being consistent with every student.

Let the Fundraising Process Take its Course

If the students who didn’t qualify hear about how much fun the event was by word of mouth, perhaps they’ll be more interested in selling next time. It’s not uncommon for sales to continue to increase with subsequent fundraisers as more students jump on board over time. However, are you willing to be patient and let this happen?

It's Okay if Some Parents Don’t Get It

You may get complaints from a few parents who feel that it’s unfair to make students sell in order to attend an event at school. They don’t understand that raising money is the ultimate goal and should take precedence. Sponsors who feel that equal opportunity doesn’t necessarily translate into equal outcome will fare much better with our big event prize programs.

Our hope is that more sponsors will realize that choosing the right prize program for their students is just as important as selecting the perfect brochure for their supporters.

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