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Another Back to School Target Shopping Giveaway

By Clay Boggess on Aug 28, 2015
Another Back to School Target Shopping Giveaway

Happy back to school shopping for our winner

Most year-round schools have already been back in session for over a month. And by the time we get to the middle of August many private schools have returned to the classroom as well. In Texas for example, students attending public schools started back on August 24th.

Although most Americans still consider the first Tuesday after Labor Day to be the end of summer and the beginning of the fall semester, in many other countries that’s not the norm. Believe it or not but the weather usually determines when many students around the world return back to school.

Back to School in Other Countries

While late August and early September is commonplace for North American and European schools to commence, schools in the Southern hemisphere typically start in late January of early February.

For example, in Argentina, the first day of school falls on the last Monday in February or the first Monday in March. And elementary schools typically open a week before the high schools. This is also for other countries in South America. The first day of school in Chile is March 1st, or the first Monday following if March 1st falls on a Friday Saturday or Sunday.

Schools start back as late as the end of May or early June for countries in south and Southeast Asia because the weather is simply too hot from March through May.

Was the Timing Right for our Giveaway?

We could have had it sooner but we wanted to wait to have our giveaway until the majority of people were finally in the ‘return to school’ mindset.

At least we hope the timing is right for most Americans as our $100 Target gift card giveaway ends on Saturday, September 5th, just 2 days before Labor Day. We apologize to those who wished the giveaway was earlier. Regardless, happy back to school shopping to the winner!

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