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The Drawbacks to Back to School Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Feb 1, 2014
The Drawbacks to Back to School Fundraisers

Why some schools should wait to fundraise

A strong argument can be made in favor of being one of the first groups out selling. Many sponsors feel that students have a much better chance of making fundraising sales if they approach potential buyers before anyone else does. This makes sense because as the selling season progresses, people will grow tired of students ringing their doorbell.

Back to school fundraisers definitely have their advantages, but they also have some potential drawbacks as well.

Here are some of the potential disadvantages that you may want to think about if you decide to start your sale early in the school year.

People have Other School Expenses

Once school starts, parents have additional expenses. They have to buy things like new clothes and classroom supplies. Many people therefore don’t have the extra money to support a fundraiser.

Lack of advanced Fundraising Notice

It’s always more courteous to provide advanced notice that a sale is coming soon. No parent really likes to be surprised with a fundraising packet, especially right after school starts. It’s hard enough for families to adjust to all of the changes involved with going back to school. Many people haven’t adjusted to the school routine yet. This may cause some people to say no to one more thing on their plate.

What about Fundraisers before the Holidays?

A lot of shopping takes place right before the holidays. Since people are already looking for gifts for family and friends, selling closer to the high demand buying season makes more sense for many schools.

If you’re looking to get a jump on the other groups in your area with an early back to school fundraiser, you may want to weigh the options first.

What are other drawbacks are there to having an early back to school sale?

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