Are Online Orders Taxable?

Most states do not require that tax be collected for online orders; however, some need us to keep a copy of your tax-exempt or resale certificate on file for our records.

The collection of sales tax on fundraisers is required by a small number of states. If we need to collect tax, you'll receive an email with the tax amount that will be added to your invoice. You’ll need to reply back and confirm before we continue processing your order.

If you’re paying by check and we need to collect sales tax, we’ll email you the tax amount to add to your check payment.

If your state requires that we keep a copy of your certificate on file, we’ll let you know in our email correspondence.

For those states that require that tax be collected, we will then remit the tax on your behalf to your state's department of revenue after receiving your fundraising payment. Unless you’re paying by check, you’ll receive your invoice once your order ships.